Eight Things You Should Know About Caden Rawn

Rawn StudyCaden Rawn is the hero of my romantic thriller, Terror Stash, and he’s a fascinating character, if you can just drag your gaze away from the flexing abdominals for a moment or two.

But there’s a reason for the freakishly fit body and layer upon layer of muscles.  That reason I’ll leave for you to find out when you read the book (it’s a doozy – and not at all what you’re probably thinking!)

Here’s eight things about Caden Rawn that you may or may not find out in the story – they’re sort of there for the Sherlock Holmes-type reader to spot, and some of them are part of Caden’s character I simply haven’t got around to putting into a scene…yet.  😉

1.     Caden is not Australian and he’s not American.

Most of the characters in the book – especially the Australians – think he’s American, but he’s not.

2.      Everyone thinks he’s a drug dealer

Caden has a crappy past and a bad reputation.  With his intimidating physical presence, and the company he’s seen hanging about with, the assumption is, he’s a drug dealer.  The cops, the public and anyone who knows anything about him assume he is.

He’s not.

3.      Caden speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic and French

English is his first language, but he learned Mandarin and Cantonese as a result of his peculiar upbringing. The Arabic and French he added later in order to stay ahead of Arabic and French-speaking business partners.

4.      Caden leads a life that tends to expose him to violence on a regular basis.

Contrariwise, he hates handguns and he’s only an okay marksman with them.  He’s lethal, however, once he puts the handgun down. He often needs to cross international borders, both legally and illegally, so being able to take his weapons with him (his body, that is) gives him an advantage.

5.     On the other hand, with long range  weapons, such as sniper rifles, he has a world-class reputation.

There are weapons and distances and shots that only the truly gifted marksman can make….Caden Rawn is one of them, and among the elite marksmen around the world, his name is well known.

6.      Caden likes to read, and educates himself on an eclectic and broad range of subjects on a continuing basis.

This is a result of his bizarre upbringing and even more odd childhood education,where he received a classical grounding in eastern philosophies and languages, poetry and literature and history.  He’s spent his adult years filling in the holes.

7.     Caden has always worked alone.

He has never worked alongside anyone, or invited anyone to share his business dealings.

8.      Caden has never been romantically linked with anyone.

There have been casual dalliances, and alliances around the world, but he has never come close to being attached to anyone.


Terror Stash by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Terror Stash


Terror Stash is a (very) long romantic thriller set in Western Australia.  It is part of the Romantic Thrillers collection.  Click here to find out more about the book, including an excerpt.

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