I Hit #1 *and* #2 Spots on Amazon!

  Is that not a beautiful sight? It's certainly the first time it's happened to me -- even in this "tiny" category! Check out Degree of Solitude here, and Rules of Engagement here.   Cheers, . Take my stories on a test run.  4 full novels free.  Sign up below. [More details here]

Cian’s Story — Now Available for Pre-Order!

I haven't been teasing, not exactly. But I have been getting an awful lot of email from readers who are keeping up with the Scandalous Scions series and are dying to find out how Cian's story goes. Cian has been flirting with love for many years now, and his is not a straightforward story. It's tied

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And You Thought Victorians Were Straight-Laced?

I came across one of the most bizarre facts I’ve ever learned about Victorians in my research for Rules of Engagement, the eighth book in the Scandalous Scions series, which I finished just a few days ago. In the late Victorian period, one of the most popular activities among the ton was mummy unwrapping parties!

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