What Makes a Book a Book?

During 2017, a discussion via my newsletter and email from various readers alerted me to the confusion over book lengths and what makes a book a book, or a novel a novel. Novels and books are not interchangeable terms, anymore, although they used to be. A “novel” is a preset wordcount range that defines a

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How to Write a Novel While You’re Holding Down A Day Job

Every few weeks I browse through a report on search terms people have used to find my blog.  The most frequent terms you can probably guess for yourself. I don’t like to do too many writing-related posts because readers aren’t writers, so while I could happily spend hours and hours talking about the technical aspects

Top Posts, Pages & Articles for March

Top Five Posts for March 1. Reading Romances Birthday Party Giveaway Hop This one is likely to be a transitory winner. 2. Damn Good Romance IV – Emotional Intensity Up from #3. 3.  Recommended MMF Books. (I was mad. Mad, I tell you…) New for this month. 4.  Pulse Pause Moments – Anthony DiNozzo II

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A Toolkit And Compass for Romanceland – Part III

A Toolkit And Compass for Romanceland Because All The Roads Are Being Re-Built (Maybe) Finding Books - Part 2 This is Part 3 of a series: Part 1: Romanceland Meltdown Part 2: Finding Books - Part 1 Part 3: Finding Books - Part 2 Part 4: Assessing Books Part 5: Contributing To Word-of-Mouth (Series based

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