Friday’s Mash (On Thursday)

Goodies I've found from chatting and cruising this week: Interesting Sites James Bond: Rare and Unpublished Photos From Auditions for 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' LIFE Magazine. This is fascinating. James Bond(s) as you've never seen them. Indie Authors Historical romance author Jennifer Blake is now self-publishing. Various Romance genres.  Carolyn McCray - and you

A Toolkit And Compass for Romanceland – Part II

A Toolkit And Compass for Romanceland Because All The Roads Are Being Re-Built (Maybe) Finding Books - Part 1 This is Part 2 of a series: Part 1: Romanceland Meltdown Part 2: Finding Books - Part 1 Part 3: Finding Books - Part 2 Part 4: Assessing Books Part 5: Contributing To Word-of-Mouth (Series based

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