Friday’s Mash (On Thursday)

Goodies I’ve found from chatting and cruising this week:

Interesting Sites

This is fascinating. James Bond(s) as you’ve never seen them.

Indie Authors

Historical romance author Jennifer Blake is now self-publishing.

Various Romance genres.  Carolyn McCray – and you need to see her blog “Dating After 40” – it’s a hoot.

YA Paranormal Romance.  Cameo Renae.

General Sites

Suspense Magazine

Looks very interesting.  If you’re into suspense and thrills, this might interest you.

Pixel of Ink

Reports on free and cheap books every week, in your genre.

99c Network

Reports and reviews books that are 99 cents.  Also has a section for books that cost a bit more than that — anything up to $2.99.

Blast From The Past (from my archives)

 7 Tailored Uses For Google Alerts

One for the writers this week.  But actually, of use to everyone.  Do you have a favourite genre or writer, or hobby?  You can use Alerts the same way…


  Have a great weekend!

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