Somehow, I’ll Get This Into A Story!

I’m not entirely sure how I found this one.  Not sure how I’m going to use it, either.

A Russian fisherman, Roman Fedortsov, has an Instagram account where he posts images of the creatures he and his fellow fisherman find in their nets.  They trawl far and deep, and some of the life in the very deep parts of the ocean looks completely alien.  Look at the fellow on the right.  Remind you of anything?

Because life in the deeps must adapt to severe pressure, no light, and not much warmth, none of it looks familiar to us humans, who can’t visit there.  And, when such creatures are pulled to the surface in nets, the absence of that crushing pressure often means they bloat, or explode or writhe in agony as their internal organs swell.  How they look on the surface isn’t the same as when they’re in their natural depths.

We actually know more about the surface of Mars than we do our own sea floor.  (Here and here.)  We’re learning more about Mars every day, too, while getting to the bottom of the oceans is technically so difficult, it is nearly a blank canvas to scientists.

I have no idea how I will fit this into a story.  Toothy monsters, even baby ones like this, don’t seem to fit well with romance–on the surface at least.  But I got gargoyles into a romance series, so who knows?  This little not-so-cutey may turn up in a future story somewhere.


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