Sexual Role Playing 101 – Part 1

sexy nurseThis is Part 1 of a series:
– Part 1:  What is Role Playing
– Part 2: Easing into Role Playing
– Part 3: Basic Rules

This series was written for Get, but was never published.

What is Role Playing?

Sexual role playing, apart from being enormous fun, usually involves you and your partner (but you can take your role playing public, if you’re careful), taking on roles in a sexual fantasy that is part of foreplay and highly arousing.  The role-playing may or may not involve wearing costumes or clothing.  It could simply involve donning a different persona or character.  Some very elaborate role-playing can involve entire sets, scenery, props, extras (additional people who are aware of the fantasy being played out and enhance it by acting their part).

There are some very common types of role-playing:

Doctor and Nurse:  Traditionally, the doctor is the man, but these days the roles could be played by either gender.  However, the appeal of the fantasy is the costumes…and not scrubs, either!

Tradesman and Housewife: A strange tradesman enters the housewife’s home and the interaction that ensues is up to the couple….

Photographer and Model:  The photography session starts out innocently enough…

Slave and Master:  There is virtually no need to explain this one.  It is limited only by your imagination and personal comfort zones.  Gender roles can be switched around for this one, too.

Teacher and Student: I don’t think there’s too many men who haven’t enjoyed the idea of having a girl-woman in short pleated skirt and bobby socks at their command.  Again, this is a fantasy that can switch genders happily.

Hooker/Escort and Client: From street walker to high paid escort, the variations in this one are endless.  And with some imagination, the gender roles can easily be reversed, too.

Stripper and Client:  You can make this as authentic as you want…or not.  “No touching” adds an element of teasing that increases the effectiveness of any home-grown lap dance.

Part 2:  Easing into Role Playing – coming soon.


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