Roe v’s Wade – 40th Anniversary.

FreakonomicsNormally I would steer clear of something as touchy as abortion laws in a country other than my own, but a couple of small coincidences made it worth mentioning.

1)  Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v’s Wade.

2)  While the pros and cons of the case are still hotly debated even today, one of the unforeseen side-effects is absolutely fascinating: the drop in crime rates, thirteen years later.  The documentary Freakonomics lays it out in a very interesting way, and I found the clip of that one section on YouTube.  I would strongly suggest just watching the clip and not browsing through the comments at all, as they’re fairly vitriolic and off-topic.

As I spend a lot of time writing out book-length answers to the question “what if?” I find myself wondering after watching that clip….what would the world be like now, if the decision in Roe v’s Wade had gone in the other direction?






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