Reading More Books, Keeping Your FitBit Happy, and more.

Monday’s Facebook live session was a doozy.

1) Comments worked! 

I cannot tell you how awkward it felt, the week before, when I couldn’t see everyone’s comments. I had not realized how much the FB live sessions were a two-way street until then.

So I was very relieved when the first comment showed up. (I think that showed on my face, too!)

2) There was an impromptu conversation about gift-wrapping, as that was how I spent my morning.

There were some great suggestions and ideas, including gluing penny candy on the package as a gift ornament, and using cheap teeshirts as wrapping paper, both from Audrey.

Other tips included using the coloured comic sections of newspapers (and we all wondered if comics are still coloured in newspapers, too), the use of fabric as a gift wrap (Furoshiki), and draw-string fabric gift bags, brown paper which is drawn upon and coloured, baking Mexican desserts and hanging them from the tree.

Plus, we did instant research, and found out that commercial pre-printed Christmas wrapping paper was invented in 1917.  I would ​never​ have thought it was that old!

3) There was the discussion about squeezing more books into your day.

This one was interesting. It’s always a perennial concern among us story-addicts. Among the suggestions:

  • Read before sleeping (I think this one is a given).
  • “Read” audio books while doing other tasks.
  • Unsubscribe from all author newsletters and blog feeds, and use that time to read.
  • Get the rest of the family hooked on a TV show you can’t stand, and read books while they watch the show.
  • Read while doing laundry.
  • Get up 30 minutes earlier each day.
  • Automate bill paying, cater meals, consolidate shipping trips, order online.
  • Retire. 🙂

I was going to give a free book to the best tip…but I ended up giving everyone a free book.

4) Other stuff.

There’s always a lot of miscellaneous stuff that comes up. This week we discussed the cost of flights to Australia (TL:DR “horrendous”), my vacation plans, which don’t involve sipping drinks by a pool, learning to sew, suburbs in Perth, The Sound of Music, spinning yarn, how to hook people on stories and books, managing your ebook collection, keeping your FitBit happy, the pain of parting with books, and much more.

Check out Monday’s Facebook Live on Facebook or on YouTube.

Next week

Next week’s Facebook Live is guaranteed to be just as much of a free-wheeler as Monday’s.

However, I will try to direct a conversation on the best Christmas/Holiday season cookies and candies.

Yep, we’re going to do a recipe swap!

If you’ve got a favourite/family heirloom recipe you’d like to share, there are a few ways you can prepare to do that, so you can share effortlessly during the discussion:

  • Simple recipes can be dropped straight into comments.
  • Alternatively, post the recipe on your own Facebook profile, grab the link (clink on the date of the post, then, when it opens in it’s own page, grab the URL at the top of the page) and add the link to the comments section, at the right time. Then everyone can come back to your page and pick up the recipe.
  • Or you can add the recipe to a new comment on my page and link back to it in comments (although I have to approve comments, so there could be a delay).
  • The final alternative is tech-intensive: Add the recipe to a Google Doc, make the page public, and add the public link to comments. to create the document, and–cms-20676 will show you how to share it. Then people can just download the document. This is good for complicated recipes.

As I’m will be heading into a week of frenzied baking and making, the timing is perfect.

Come and join the fun, and get some new-to-you recipes for the holiday season…among other things!

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