Good Friday…More Easter Eggs!

easter eggAs promised, here’s some of the best non-Google Easter Eggs online:

Konami Codes

The Konami Code started off as a Nintendo cheat. Quickly inputting the code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) would give players 30 extra lives. The Konami code has been used in a number of video games since, and it also opens Easter eggs on websites.

Try the Konami code on Buzzfeed, for a good example. For more, check out a pretty comprehensive list of sites that reveal things with the code at Konami Code Sites.

404 Errors

The 404 or Page Not Found error message is an HTML standard response code that tells users that they’ve reached a dead or broken link. But some of them are incredibly creative. The South Park website, Blizzard Entertainment. Even Craigslist spices up its Page Not Found message with an adorable piece of ASCII art.

Facebook Fun

Go to Account Settings, click “Language” and switch to “English (Upside Down)” or “English (Pirate).” Pirate English is freaking hilarious!

Also, type your friend’s full username inside double brackets (to find it, go to their timeline and grab the part of the URL after “”), like [[ericgriffith]], and when the message sends, it’ll replace the text with your friend’s profile pic.


Visit YouTube and search with the query “do the harlem shake.”

Book of Mozilla

If you use Firefox, type “about:Mozilla.” into the URL bar.

The browser’s About page is written as apocalyptic literature, Book of Revelation-style. Each time a new version of Mozilla is released, a new verse appears. The first coincided with the release of Netscape Navigator 1.0 in December 1994. There is a cryptic message behind each verse.

Also, try typing “about:robots” into the navigation bar.


WordPress have hidden an Easter egg too, in their terms of service page. If you scan the page, they’ll offer you a treat.

Amazon’s Hidden Good-Bye

This one is incredibly appropriate for us readers!

Go to the Full Store Directory (found at the bottom of the “Shop By Department” menu), scroll to the bottom of the page and locate a hidden link box underneath the copyright line. Move the cursor around this spot until the arrow becomes a hand, then click. You’ll find a letter from CEO Jeff Bezos to David Risher, the former vice president of product and store development, who helped turn the online store into a global powerhouse. Bezos plans to leave the letter there in perpetuity.

Happy Easter! And if you’re not celebrating the event, enjoy the long weekend, if you get one!


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