Your Own Personal Bookshelf (This Is New)

Your Own Personal Bookshelf (This Is New). If you've ever downloaded a book via Bookfunnel, including author giveaways, and any Book Promos or sales, it may have stymied you in the past when you tried to go back and get another copy. This is especially irksome if you've actually bought the book, and have to

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Some Pretty Big Changes Coming Up

Some Pretty Big Changes Coming Up Several weeks ago, I sent this to my reader's list: Among the writing community I have a bit of a reputation for championing "wide" publishing. Let me explain that. As a reader, I'm sure you're familiar with Kindle Unlimited, a subscription service that Amazon provides which, for a low

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A Podcast for Romance Readers

A Podcast for Romance Readers I've guested on a number of podcasts in the last few years, but they have been exclusively for writers, rather than readers. (Still, here's the full list, if you're curious). Finally, though, I was asked to guest on a podcast that was a) about romance novels and b) for *readers*, not

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Don’t do Facebook? How not to miss out!

On Facebook, on Monday, we had a rolling, roiling discussion about print versus ebooks, and how to maximize your book collection. Lots of differing opinions...including mine! I had an eye opener regarding print and ebooks recently, which I shared in the discussion. One of the viewers/commentors was US Today Best Selling romance author Laurann Dohner, a complete

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How Do *You* Find More Time to Read More Books…?

Monday's FB Live was a bit of a disaster, as I couldn't see comments.  I still don't know why that happened, but I felt like I was talking to a vacuum.  It's surprising how much difference your comments make. One of the things I was ​going​ to cover was a general discussion of ways to find

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Amazon is *making* you change how you shop.

Recently, Amazon made changes to their almighty Algorithm. In the past, most algorithm changes were invisible to readers and made only authors switch the way they were doing things. This one affected everyone. The primary aim of the change--as far as anyone can tell, that is, because Amazon never speaks aloud--was to force shoppers not

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The First Six Books of the Scandalous Scions at 40% off on Kobo until the 27th.

  There are actually are whole heap of books on sale at 40% off on Kobo. However, in the romance section, until the 27th, they are offering the first six of the Scandalous Scions series at a 40% discount. They are, in order of release: Soul Of Sin Valor of Love Marriage Of Lies Mask

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Do You Deep Freeze Your Books?

Do You Deep Freeze Your Books? Do you remember in Season Three of Friends, when Rachel discovered Joey's copy of The Shining in the freezer? Joey put his books in the freezer because he found them too scary to read.  I always smile because he ended up putting Little Women in the freezer, because he could tell

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