Top Posts and Pages for December

Top Five Posts for December

1. Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople

Back up to #1 from #3 last month. However, interestingly, this was not the busiest spot on my blog overall. It was just the busiest post.

2. It’s Just A Job – Wood Elves

#2 again.

3. i have seen the writing on the wall…

Down from #1 last month.

4.  Pulse Pause Moments – Aragorn…Again

A new entry in the lists.

5.  Working Notes – My Life December 19

And another new popular post.  This is the post about Scott Justice, the Aussie wrestler.  So it’s either Aussies, wrestlers, or young guys.  Or all of the above.  Which is it, ladies?  I can always supply more…  🙂


Top Five Pages for October

1. Books by Category

Bounced up from #3 last month.

2. Books

Stable from last month.

3. Trilogies & Series

This one was fresh at #4 last month. Which gives more weight to the theory that readers love series.

4.  Bannockburn Binding

Not too shabby for a book that was only released on the 15th, halfway through the month.

5.   Blood Knot

Down from #4 last month.


Top Five Articles for October

1. MM and MMF – Let’s Try Again. Why Do Women Like Men Who Like Men?

And #1 for one more month.

2. The Perils Of Writing Erotic Romance.


3. The Ten Best Romantic Moments In Film History


4. What Is Urban Fantasy, Anyway? Urban Fantasy in the Romance field Defined.


5. The MMF Thing…How to Get It


Last month I said I thought it was time for new articles.  I introduced fresh articles a couple of days ago, and I’ll be adding new articles over the next few months.  Somehow, though, unless I write deliberate traffic-magnets – which means the content will be highly flammable and controversial, not something I’m really comfortable doing — then these top five favourites will probably stay firmly in place.


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