99c First in Series – Until Wednesday night, only!

99c First in Series - Until Wednesday night, only!   Carson's Night is the first book in the Stonebrood Saga -- vampire urban fantasy featuring some very nasty gargoyles. Born of No Man is the first book in the Once and Future Hearts series -- a series of fantasy romances set in the time of

$13 off super hot paranormal romance boxed series set.

Kobo are running a Victoria Day Weekend sale between May 17 and May 21, 2018, and offering some very deep discounts. One of those is for my boxed set of the Stonebrood Saga series, Hearts of Stone. ______ The entire Stonebrood Saga in one special volume, including the bonus novelette, Pay the Ferryman! 1.0:  Carson’s Night

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Have Your Hanky Ready.

When Beauty's Beasts came out, the first time around, Blackraven's Reviews said of it: "It’s an outstanding book but be prepared to have your hanky ready." If they thought Beauty's Beasts was a weepy, then they would love reading Unbearable.  Alas, professional review sites won't review indie authors anymore, so I won't get to find

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UNBEARABLE - Excuse my nakedness -- cover coming soon! Unbearable.  The word has a certain heart-sinking sound to it, doesn't it? Why do I mention it?  After all, I write romances, which always have a positive, upbeat ending.  So let me explain. I think everyone here is pretty familiar with the fact that

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