Good Friday and Happy Family Time

Most of the western world comes to a halt on Easter Friday, while some of it marks the religious event.  For everyone else, the four-day Easter long weekend is a precious down-time or family occasion--a chance to catch up, pause and enjoy the company of loved-ones. This is my weekend, too.  A family dinner/birthday celebration

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Happy Easter!

If you're part of the Christian western world that celebrates Easter and have a four day break ahead of you -- enjoy! Personally, I'm settling into a streak of hard work; Mark has the week off and we're going to be reformatting and re-uploading books, and doing lots of site work and between writing

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Good Friday…More Easter Eggs!

As promised, here’s some of the best non-Google Easter Eggs online: Konami Codes The Konami Code started off as a Nintendo cheat. Quickly inputting the code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) would give players 30 extra lives. The Konami code has been used in a number of video games since,

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