Sexual Role Playing 101 – Part 2

sexy nurseThis is Part 1 of a series:
– Part 1: What is Role Playing
– Part 2: Easing into Role Playing
– Part 3: Basic Rules

This series was written for, but was never published.

Create Your Own Role Play Versions

The common element in all these popular fantasies is that they have a position of power in them.  The doctor, the master, the teacher, the hooker, the photographer and the trademan are all able to control their counterparts in some way, either because of their positions of authority or because of the situation they are in.

These are not situations and roles we normally find ourselves in from day to day, which is what provides the rush of novelty and pleasure in role-playing.  They are also often roles and situations that edge into dark areas of human nature, such as the master/slave scenario.  Because this is role-playing, it allows us to explore such situations in a way that is safe and consensual.  As long as you and your partner thoroughly discuss your role-playing beforehand, even such role-playing as forced-sex is possible (see Basic Rules, below).

Easing Into Role Playing

#1  Start with something simple

If the whole idea of dressing up and pretending to be someone else makes your eyes roll, but you’re still curious about role-playing, then don’t dress up.  Pick a scenario that involves only street clothes, or not dressing up at all.  Keep it short and simple.

#2  Drop all your inhibitions and reservations

The first few times you try role-playing, you have to willingly and actively cooperative to make it work.  That means taking a deep breath, dropping all your skepticism, and playing the part assigned to you, no matter how silly you feel.  At first you may feel completely stupid, but it passes.  You have to get into the role and let your mind take over.  Remember that your brain is the biggest errogeneous zone you have.  Once you’re past the initial awkwardness, you’ll become arouses and after that you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try this.

#3  Experiment with more complex scenarios

As you become more comfortable and grow to enjoy role-playing, you and your partner can extend the scenarios, the costumes and the settings.  The variations are truly endless.

Part 3: Basic Rules – coming soon.


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