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…and of course, as soon as I wrote the title of this post, my mind jumped to the erotic interpretation. Hazards of writing the sort of stories I do, I guess. 🙂

I resisted joining Pinterest for the longest time, not because I didn’t get it or didn’t like it, but because I have a hard enough time keeping up with my social networks already. One more seemed like one too many.

However, recently, Pinterest has made a change to their software that prevents anyone who doesn’t hold an account from browsing through users’ boards – even if the boards show up in Google searches (which is how I usually found myself there).   I often find really useful links on Pinterest, so I threw up my hands and had a think about it.

Then I deleted my LinkedIn account, as that’s mostly business oriented, and signed up for Pinterest.

So far, I have put up all my book covers – all of them, including previous editions, and foreign language editions, which makes the boards interesting browsing.

I’ve also got boards for major areas of interest for me, so if you want to see how I compartmentalize my life, you’ll find out there.

Also, what I will do is add a “Mash” board, and whenever I do my Mash posts, I’ll put the same links on the Mash board – and in that way, older Mash posts and links remain there for browsing, too.

At the moment I have one follower, but no one knows I’ve finally succumbed to the pinning thing….

Do you pin, too? Follow me!





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