Peanuts is 63 today.

puppyThe internationally adored “Peanuts” comic strip by Charles M. Schulz had its debut today, in 1950.  It ran until 2000 (wow!) and now is syndicated and re-runs the world-over.

I can’t put any “Peanuts” images here with the post as the copyright is strongly upheld, which is a pity, because there is one strip in particular that seems to iconanize romance writing.

See if you can visualize it.:

1.  Snoopy is on the top of his dog house, pounding out prose for his latest epic.  Lucy comes along and reads it.  “Your stories are dumb,” she says.  “In the books I read, he always says ‘You are breath and bread and water to me.’  You should write that.”

2.  Snoopy is sitting with a new blank sheet in his typewriter.  He starts typing.  You are breath and bread and water to me

3.  Snoopy sits and thinks about it for a moment, then adds:

…and chocolate chip cookies.


I have an original copy of that strip tacked to the wall of my office.

Happy birthday, Charlie Brown and the gang!


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