Guess What Day It Is Today?

Toa Heftiba

Today is International Chocolate Day.

You should absolute celebrate that!  Preferably with a good book, and a really good cup of tea or coffee (chocolate goes brilliantly with both).

Did you know that chocolate –especially dark chocolate with high cacoa content and little or no diary–has health benefits?  It’s good for your heart, among other things.

Even if you’re following an extreme no sugar diet, like me, you can still indulge.  There are keto and paleo recipes out there that give you all the richness of chocolate and none of the damage that seed oil-filled, high sugar commercial chocolates contain.  (There’s one here, for example.  A search for low carb chocolate pudding will net you a dozen others.)

I currently have a chocolate smoothie for lunch every day.


What is your favourite form of chocolate? Tell me in comments!



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