Bogus but Beautiful – Crop Circles

Crop_circles_SwirlEveryone has heard of crop circles. Wikipedia actually list the phenomenon in amongst other paranormal events and abilities.

But the truth is, most crop circles (or crop formations, as they’ve generally become known) are the result of very human activity.

There have been recorded cases of crop circles being formed by willy-willies (Australia) and other strong circular wind patterns, but these circles are very simple formations, and usually occur singularly.

The more intricate designs that began to appear (the UK, Australia and Canada seem to score most of them), starting in the 1980s and still occurring today, are the work of prankster. There were two prolific and infamous crop circle buildings, Bower and Chorley, who outed themselves in the 1990s, when an expert declared that the latest circles could not possibly be the work of humans. Bower and Chorley demonstrated to the public that they were indeed the work of humans, by building circles right in front of them. Bower and Chorley also claimed responsibility for over 200 circles and formations in England in the preceding decade.

You only have to look at some of the sophisticated and stunning formations that have been captured in photographs, to know that no natural or supernatural entity could possibly have made them. Some of them are stunning.

There’s a collection of crop circles, below.

You can see more if you go to Google Images and search on crop circles. It’s fascinating…and purely decorative fun.

But wouldn’t it be interesting if someone discovered that there was, indeed, a supernatural explanation for crop formations?

Perhaps I’ll do a story on that, one day.

crop circles elaborate

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