Blood Stone Series



A Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Romance series


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Series Order

 Blood Knot: Blood Stone 1.0
Amor Meus: Blood Drops Collection*

Blood Stone: Blood Stone 2.0
Blood Unleashed: Blood Stone 3.0
 Blood Revealed: Blood Stone 4.0
Blood Ascendant: Blood Stone 5.0
Flesh + Blood:  Blood Stone Boxed Set 5.5

These are continuing characters and storylines. Reading the series in order is strongly recommended.

[*Blood Drops are short and novella length stories featuring the characters and situations in the Blood Stone series.  Droplet sized morsels for your reading pleasure.]


Nathaniel (Nial) Aquila Valerius Aurelius is over 1,500 years old and a master manipulator of people, hearts and emotions, but he has grown tired of hiding behind masks and he knows the modern world will soon force vampires out of hiding if they do not step out into the light themselves.

But there are those that oppose Nial and his liberators’ plans to expose vampires to the world, including the powerful Pro Libertatus, who hide among the powerful of the human world; politicians, military leaders, powerful businessmen and entrepreneurs with enormous resources and manpower to call on to bring Nial and the liberators to heel.

Then there is the League for Humanity, who are anything but humane. They consider humans the underdogs, mere servants to their vampire overlords and useful cannon fodder. They hide in shadows while humans do their very dirty work, as they try to bring the liberators back into line. They have no intention of becoming the equal of humans in any respect.

It would be a tough challenge with just those opponents, but Nial and his friends face more and more difficult foes as time goes on: The Unspoken Ones — vampires so old they have regressed to ways of thought and speech that modern humans and younger vampires can barely comprehend, but they wield powers unmatched by anyone on the planet.

Then there is the Blood Stone itself.

Is it myth, or real?

If it is real, it has the power to change the world as we know it.

Who finds it, who wields it and who breaks it, will decide the fate of humans and vampires, both.

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