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  1. Interesting list. Just a passing observation. I find “reviewed” books (as reviewed on an established site) will have widely disparate ratings compared to Goodreads/Amazon. And as regards my books, they rarely get rated on any site…review site, Goodreads, OR Amazon. So the aggregate score is rarely above three. That’s one of those things I’ve had to shrug and walk away from because stressing out over it just isn’t worth my health. I suspect as with all things, there are some who “love” and some who “hate”. Such is life. :-)

    • Me too, Anny.

      My ratings suck on Goodreads. Just above threes. But I get consistent 4 or 5 star ratings on, say The Romance Studio, or Romance Reviews. Very good point indeed.

      But there does need to be some sort of means to filter out the “Debbie does Dallas” style MMF erotica parading as romances. I don’t want readers throwing books at me because they’re dross. And I don’t have time to read all the books myself.

      I’ve read a few of the MMF Romances on the recommended list…and frankly, they hit the wall. It could be subjective (and my tolerance bar is set very high because of the internal editor thing, I freely admit). Yet there were a few, on my through the list yesterday, that had me twitching to read them based on the reader reviews and the blurbs, presentation, covers, and general packaging. So there has to be gold in them thar lists.

      Any suggestions on a way to filter them, other than reviews?


  2. I just had one reader contact me privately and suggest using All Romance eBook’s rating system and category classification structure as a good way to help filter the list.

    It’s one I hadn’t thought of. ARE list books from all publishers.

    More grist for the mill.



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