Pretty Lips on Men – What Makes Them Kissable?

We don't pay a lot of attention to guy's mouths -- except for what they're doing with them. Heroines have to have the perfect cupid bow and full pillow-like, bee-stung lips, because the pouty look is sexy, and if she can get her bottom lip to quiver ever-so-slightly at the same time, she can bring

Pulse Pause Moments – DESPARADO – The Rooftop

I’m really a desparate romantic at heart.  The cheesiest cliched film moments, done right, will get me, every time.  Desperado was one long bunch of formulaic cheesy moments, filmed on the tightest of tight budgets.  But not nearly as tight a budget as El Mariachi, when Robert Rodriquez checked himself into a research hospital and

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