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Adelaide Becket

Historical Suspense Espionage

Beloved Bloody Time

Vampire Menage Time Travel Futuristic Romance

Wait - 3D smallByzantine - 3D small3D Vienna smallRomani - 3D smallSpartan 3D small




Blood Stone

Vampire Ménage Urban Fantasy Romance

3D Blood KNot large3D-Amor-Meus3D Blood Stone3D UnleashedRevealed-3Dascend-3d-site

Destiny’s Trinities

Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Romance

3D Beth's Acceptance large3D-TrinityCora - 3DZoe - 3D SiteOctavia - 3D Sitesecond-3d-siteTerra - 3D Site


The Endurance

Science Fiction Romance

5,001 by Tracy Cooper-PoseyGreyson-3DYesterday - 3D 1000pxPromise - 3D Sitexeno-3d-site

Interspace Origins

Science Fiction Romance


Kiss Across Time

Vampire Ménage Time Travel Romance



Once and Future Hearts

Fantasy Romance, Historical Fantasy, Ancient Historical Romance (King Arthur)

Project Kobra

Romantic Spy Thriller series

Scandalous Family–The Victorians

Sexy Historical Romance

Scandalous Sirens

Erotic Historical Romance

3D ForbiddenBeauty-3DPerilous-3D

Scandalous Scions

Sexy Historical Romance

Sherlock Holmes

Historical Mystery

3D-Chronicles small3D-Case small

The Starter Library

Sample novels and stories to sink your teeth into.

The Stonebrood Saga

Vampire Gargoyle Urban Fantasy Romance

3D Carson large3D-Beauty-868x10243D-Harvest-868x1024Unbearable-3DSabrina 3D sITEferryman-3d-sitehearts-box-site

The Vistaria Affair

Military Romantic Suspense — Now out of print.  See Vistaria Has Fallen.

3D Red Leopard large3D-Black3D BlueWhite - 3D

Vistaria Has Fallen

Romantic Military Thriller


Contemporary Romances


Go Get ’em Women

3D-Delly3D-Ningaloo3D-Talisman3D-Vivian small

Jewels of Tomorrow


The Kine Prophecies

Romantic Thrillers


Short Paranormals

3D-Eva-868x10243D-Solstice small….

A Vampire Time Travel MMF Urban Fantasy Romance Collection

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