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 All My Books in Alphabetical Order


– 0-9 –


– A –

Amor Meus

– B –

 Bannockburn Binding

Beauty’s Beasts

Beth’s Acceptance

Betting With Lucifer

Black Heart

Blood Ascendant

Blood Drive

Blood Knot

Blood Revealed

Blood Stone

Blood Unleashed

Blue Knight

The Branded Rose Prophecy

Broken Promise

But Now I See

Byzantine Heartbreak

– C –

Carson’s Night

Case of the Reluctant Agent

Cat and Company

 Celtic Crossing

Chronicles of the Lost Years

Cora’s Secret

– D –

Dare to Return

Dangerous Beauty

Dead Again

Dead Double

Delly’s Last Night

Destiny’s Trinities

Diana by the Moon

– E –

Eva’s Last Dance

Eyes of a Stranger

– F –

Faring Soul

 Fatal Wild Child

The First Trinity

  Flying Blind


– G –

Greyson’s Doom

– H –

Harvest of Holidays

Heart of Vengeance

Hearts of Stone

– I –

An Inconvenient Lover

Interspace Origins

– J –

 Junkyard Heroes 

– K –

Kiss Across Chains

Kiss Across Deserts

Kiss Across Kingdoms

Kiss Across Seas

Kiss Across Swords

Kiss Across Time

– L –

Lucifer’s Lover

– M –

Masquerade’s Mate

 Mia’s Return


– N –

New Star Rising

Ningaloo Nights

– O –

Octavia’s War

– P –

Pay The Ferryman

Perilous Princess

Promissory Note

– Q –

Quiver and Crave

– R –

Reading Order 2016

Red Leopard

Romani Armada

The Royal Talisman

– S –

Sabrina’s Clan

Second Trinity, The

Sera’s Gift

Sherlock Boxed In

Silent Knight

Solstice Surrender

Southampton Swindle

Spartan Resistance

– T –

Terra’s Victory

Terror Stash

Thrilling Affair

Thief in the Night

Three Taps, Then…

Time and Tyra Again

Time Kissed Moments I

– U –


– V –


Varkan Rise

Viennese Agreement

Vivian’s Return

– W –


 The Well of Rnomath

White Dawn

– X –


– Y –

Yesterday’s Legacy

– Z –

Zoe’s Blockade


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