Blue Collar Boys Send Me!

Today’s guest blogger is Carol Rose, who writes contemporary romance.


SMOOCHED - 2500SCRUMPTIOUS - 2500SWAGGERED - 2500There’s something sexy about men who know how to work with their hands. All that sweaty muscle… The fact that these dudes can get the job done, dealing with life challenges like a clogged toilet or a roof that leaks, makes them real life heroes. Even though they aren’t millionaires, blue collar heroes work. They have an income and can pull their weight in the budget department.

Throw in some hot abs and a tight ass and you’ve got a romance hero… Men doesn’t need to wear suits to work to be worthy of us falling in love with them. They just need to love the women they’re with and place them in the best spot in their lives. Give me heroes who make heroines better people, who challenge them, make them laugh, enjoy their woman and love her into state of oblivion occasionally.

I think real world romance is completely possible. Heart-pounding, blanket-snuggling, I-go-to-him-for-comfort-and-hot-sex romance. This is why I think readers should be given heroes to fantasize about who they might actually have a chance at meeting. You know, men who work with their hands as well as their heads.

I don’t happen to think it’s too much to ask that we readers can find financially-responsible men who exist in this world. I’ve been told that romances are fantasy, not real, but I believe this is only partially true. Sure, it’s fun to read about romance centuries or decades ago and romances set in lands that are foreign to us.

There is, however, something really romantic about a guy who can directly address a concern that frustrates a woman every day. What woman doesn’t love a man who places his family—wife or wife and kids—at a high premium? It’s a huge turn-on when a man actually cares about the woman he lusts after.

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