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Beloved Bloody Time

Vampire Menage Time Travel Futuristic Romance

Wait - 3D smallByzantine - 3D small3D Vienna smallRomani - 3D smallSpartan 3D small

Blood Stone

Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Romance

3D Blood KNot large3D Swindle3D Broken Promise3D Vale3D-Amor-Meus3D Blood Stone3D UnleashedRevealed-3Dascend-3d-site

Destiny’s Trinities

Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Romance

3D Beth's Acceptance large3D Sera HD3D-TrinityCora - 3DZoe - 3D SiteOctavia - 3D Sitesecond-3d-siteTerra - 3D Site


The Endurance

Science Fiction Romance

5,001 by Tracy Cooper-PoseyGreyson-3DYesterday - 3D 1000pxPromise - 3D Sitexeno-3d-site

The Indigo Reports

Space Opera Science Fiction

Interspace Origins

Science Fiction Romance


Kiss Across Time

Vampire Menage Time Travel Romance


Scandalous Sirens

Erotic Historical Romance

3D ForbiddenBeauty-3DPerilous-3D

Scandalous Scions

Sexy Historical Romance

SciFi July Fever Fun

Multi-Author Science Fiction Bundle






Sherlock Holmes

Historical Mystery

3D-Chronicles small3D-Case small

The Stonebrood Saga

Vampire Gargoyle Urban Fantasy Romance

3D Carson large3D-Beauty-868x10243D-Harvest-868x1024Unbearable-3DSabrina 3D sITEferryman-3d-sitehearts-box-site

The Vistaria Affair

Military Romantic Suspense — Now out of print.  See Vistaria Has Fallen.

3D Red Leopard large3D-Black3D BlueWhite - 3D

Vistaria Has Fallen

Romantic Military Thriller


Contemporary Romances


Go Get ’em Women

3D-Delly3D-Ningaloo3D-Talisman3D-Vivian small

Jewels of Tomorrow


The Kine Prophecies


Romantic Thrillers


Short Paranormals

3D-Eva-868x10243D-Solstice small….

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