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A Short Sweet Paranormal Romance


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3D Taps

“Kudos to Tracy Cooper-Posey for another great read. ” — Amazon Reader


Noah always knocked on Aysel’s door the same way, including the last time he knocked, five hours after his funeral.

A short and sweet Halloween treat.

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by Dianne on Three Taps, Then...

A great, cute, short story that Tracy has written, that makes you sad, hopeful & happy within the 25-30 minutes it takes to read "Three Taps, Then..." While I know she writes awesome stories that are a lot longer & throughout her books she makes you feel many different emotions, but to do the same thing in a quick, short story is totally amazing to me! Take the time to read "Three Taps, Then..." and you too will enjoy her story. Thanks Tracy for all your great stories, there hasn't been one that I didn't just love reading and I've read about 60% of your books so far! --

Three Taps, Then is a wonderful short story, rich in emotion with a supernatural twist which I thoroughly enjoyed. It always impresses me how succinctly Tracy Cooper-Posey can tell a story while still creating interesting and three dimensional characters whom I want to see happy! I loved the Halloween twist to this story too.

OMG!!!!! I Loved it. What a Happy Halloween it became for Aysel, to lose her BFF in such a sad way........and then have him visit to make her see what was always in plain sight but she hadn't acknowledged as real was so sweet. Cheered me up no end oh and the Carved Pumpkin with Necklace Heart melted (yup I'm a softy). Thank You for sharing such a Sweet Story.

by PappaHunt on Three Taps, Then...

Three Taps, Then... is a nice little bedtime story! In fact I may read this to my 7 year old grand daughter! It will make a great ghost story for her! As for me I liked it and did read it just before bed! I think Tracey Cooper-Posey has found a great concept for getting feed back on new ideas for stories! A perfect 5 stars on the tease meter!!


This was a very cute story. I thoroughly enjoyed it as short as it was. Great read for a short Halloween story so close to Halloween.



“Amazing as always Tracy!!!!” — Amazon Reader