Printable Checklist
Of All My Books!

Want to check off which books of mine you already have? Or do you want to learn what books you haven’t got yet?

Download the free printable checklist, print it off, trim and stack, then get busy checking!

I will be updating this checkable list every time I bring out a new title. You can print off just the pages that have been updated and swap them out with the old ones, saving you from having to print the entire booklet every time. As I currently have well over a hundred titles, this will also help save trees. 🙂

Download the Checklist

Click here to download the PDF file. This version is dated February 2024

See the change log below to find out if you need to update pages or not.

Detailed instructions:

When you click on the download link, above, the PDF will open in your browser.

Either of the images of pages from the checklist can also be clicked to open the same download dialogue box.

Look for the download icon. In Chrome it is at the top right and looks like this:

The download icon or command may also be in a menu.

You can print directly from here by clicking the print icon, instead.

Or you can choose where you want the file saved to by clicking on the download icon, then selecting where you want the checklist saved to.

Once the file is saved, you can navigate to that location and print or open the file to read it.


If you’re downloading on a mobile device, touch and hold on the download link above, It will open a dialogue box that lets you choose where you want the PDF downloaded to.

Either of the images of pages from the checklist can also be tapped and held to open the same download dialogue box.

Depending on your mobile device, you may be able to select “Print” from this dialogue box.

Or, select where you want your checklist saved to and hit okay.

Navigate to the file’s location, where you can then print or open the PDF.

Change Log

March 23, 2023: First upload of printable checklist.

April 13: Updates to Adelaide Becket series, and The Endurance series.

June 12: Update to the Once and Future Hearts series.

August 17: Updated the Kiss Across Time series, and the alphabetical checklist at the back.

November 28: Completely reworked the entire file to print one page per letter-sized sheet (no more cutting or folding). Includes the new Witchtown Crossing series.

February 1, 2024: Added to the Scandalous Scions pages, and to the alphabetical list at the back.

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