Xenogenesis – Excerpt

XENOGENESIS (The Endurance Series: Book 4)
A Science Fiction Romance




I highly recommend this new wonderful series.


“We need to talk,” Rex said, his voice emerging harshly.  He glanced up as a pretty brunette woman smiled at him, and waited for her to pass by.  “Meet me back at the house.  I’m going to need a drink for this.”

“Very well,” Emma said smoothly and Rex wondered if he was imagining the note of wariness in her voice.  Then she said softly, “There is someone behind you.  I believe she is listening.”

Rex turned, then took half a step out from the corner made by the tub of flowers, to see beyond it.

Belen stood there, her lips parted in surprise.  No, it was more than that.  Shock had brought her to a complete standstill.  Her gaze flickered over his shoulder, taking in something behind him.  Rex glanced back and saw nothing but the woman who had just passed him.

He looked back at Belen, absorbing details with the hunger of an addict.  Her red hair, which she had cut shorter and let curl naturally, in big waves around her jaw and ears.  Her height, which always surprised him.  Delighted him, actually.  Her slenderness.  She was elegance personified and her high cheekbones seemed to emphasize the natural grace.

Michaela had once made the observation that Belen was haughty and Rex had agreed with her, because that was the impression most people got about Belen if she kept her shield up. He knew a different Belen, though.

His heart leapt, throwing itself against his chest.  Every time he saw her, he swore to himself he wouldn’t let her get under his skin the next time.  And the next time, he always found himself floundering, just like this.

He swallowed.  “Belen.  You look wonderful.”

The dress was a creamy colour that a redhead shouldn’t wear, but on her it looked good.  It made her pale skin look almost translucent.  She had coloured her lips in a bright red that should also have clashed, but didn’t.  Instead, it drew attention to the fullness of her lips.

Rex tore his gaze away from them and made himself look her in the eye.

Belen cleared her throat.  “I…should go back.”  She made a vague gesture toward the dining area.

Rex didn’t dare speak.  His whole body, every corpuscle, wanted to tell her to stay, to talk to him.

Belen took a step in that direction and the dress glittered at the movement.

“How’s Antonio?” Rex asked.  It sounded like a polite question and it would keep her there for a few seconds more.

“Tony is fine, thank you,” she said stiffly.  Her voice, the low contralto, seemed to strum along his spine, stroking the base of it.  Her laughter, Rex remembered, was the same.  Low and merry, generating a warm glow in any man who heard it.

Belen gave him a stiff smile.  “Good night, Rex,” she said, just as formally.

“Good evening, Belen.”

She moving quickly after that.  He watched her walk across the still-empty dance floor, the cream dress trailing behind her in a graceful drape, her head up.

He realized she had bid him good night, as if she had known he was leaving.  Then he remembered.  Emma had said she was listening.  He frowned, trying to remember what he had said that Belen would have heard.  Something about leaving, clearly, but even though that had been only a moment ago, he had trouble recalling it.


I cannot wait to read more in this series and learn more about the people
that live on the Endurance as it travels through space.

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