My readers adore guest bloggers.  I like ’em too.

Authors are most welcome.  I’m also on the look out for book industry personnel (reviewers, editors, booksellers, bookbinders, printers, any obscure or rare trade related to books) to guest here, if they can shed light on the industry and entertain my readers at the same time.

Be aware that the readership of this blog is mostly women who are interested in romance novels of the romantic suspense and paranormal kind, with some contemporary and historical romances thrown in, so if your area of interest doesn’t intersect that group, then you will be wasting your energy guesting here.

You’re welcome to provide a freeform post of your own as long as it is high on content and very short on self-promotional “buy my book!” blather.  Preferably it’s also not a post simply about your book or why you wrote your book.  My readers are all pretty smart and like to think, so you can talk about interesting subjects in your book — the history of Claddagh rings, for instance, which I blogged about for my Blood Knot tour. I also have a standard interview for authors if you’d rather go that route.

You are welcome to add a bio paragraph and links at the bottom of your post.

Please contact me to discuss available dates and content.

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