The Vistaria Affair

This series is now out of print.

It has been rewritten and relaunched as
Vistaria Has Fallen.
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A Military Romantic Suspense series


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Series Order

Red Leopard (Nick & Calli)
Black Heart (Duardo & Minnie)
Blue Knight (Daniel & Olivia) 
White Dawn (Garrett & Carmen)


Vistaria is an island nation one hundred miles off the coast of Mexico populated by an Hispanic race, the Vistarians, that enjoy life, food, women and wine. They’re an honourable and hard working race.  It is an idyllic place, but overshadowed by the threat of rebellion.

When the rebels—the insurrectos —take over Vistaria in a bloody and brutal coup, the assassinated president’s brother, Nick Escobedo, gathers friends, family and the remaining leaders of Vistaria under his control and settles temporarily in Acapulco to plan the defeat of the insurrectos and the return of Vistaria to its people once more.

The Vistaria Affair is the story of how Nicolás Escobedo and his people win back Vistaria.


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