Skinwalker’s Bane – Excerpt

SKINWALKER’S BANE (The Endurance Series: Story 6.0)
A Science Fiction Romance Novel.


I highly recommend this new wonderful series.


Soft steps sounded, then Devin Bronson appeared at the gap between the end of the screen and the windows.

Adam had never met anyone who looked worse than their three-sixty profile image on the Forum.  Most people looked better.  Many people looked far better.  Devin Bronson was of the latter category.  Devin Bronson in person made her profile image look like a terrible lie, even though all the details were correct.

She had shoulder-length light brown hair that curled in big waves.  The silky gleam of it made Adam wonder what it would be like to touch it.  Would it be as soft as it appeared to be?

She was tall for a woman and slender.  Her throat rose from the opening of a shirt that had extra folds of cloth rising up around her neck that looked both old-fashions and incredibly different, just as most Patrician women always looked strange to Adam’s eyes.  Her flesh was pale, proving she didn’t spend much time under daylights.  It was as smooth as her hair and gleamed the same way.  The only word Adam could think of was “flawless”.  It was a word Lizette used when she drooled over the gems she used to make her jewellery, and it fit with what Adam was looking at now.

Devin Bronson’s brows were twin arches, thick and strong.  He couldn’t tell what colour her eyes were from where he was standing, except that they weren’t dark or black.  He had a sudden urge to see them up close, to determine the colour.

Her very full lips were coloured a soft pink and they thinned a little as she considered him.  “Do I know you?” she asked warily.

“If you did, would you ask that?” Adam replied.

“You wanted to speak to me about something?”

The question neatly dodged his.  Adam let it go.  “I do,” he said.  “Inside your sound shield, though.”

Her lips parted.  He’d surprised her.   She hesitated and he thought he knew why.  He was wearing his usual shirt and pants and his one-and-only jacket.  In the Esquiline he looked pretty much the same as everyone else.  This was the Aventine, though.  Patrician territory.

“I don’t think so,” she replied coolly.

“It’s about Lincoln Amos,” he added, despite Nichol sitting and listening to everything they said.

Her eyes widened the tiniest fraction and again, he wondered what colour they really were.  Then the brows came together.  “Who?” she asked.

“Lincoln Amos.  Skinwalker.  He died last week.  Surely you heard that, even up here?”

Her jaw tightened.  “I heard about another skinwalker dying,” she said stiffly.  “I didn’t know his name.  Why would you want to speak to me about him?”

Adam stared at her, puzzled.  She did know Lincoln.  She had been startled, although she had hidden it quickly.  Now she was lying.


I cannot wait to read more in this series and learn more about the people
that live on the Endurance as it travels through space.

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