Red Leopard

RED LEOPARD (The Vistaria Affair: Book 1)
A Military Romantic Suspense

This book is now out of print.

It has been rewritten and relaunched as
Vistaria Has Fallen.
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“Great read that will have you glued to the pages!” — Kristi Ahlers

If they give in to their desires a whole country will fall.

Calli Munro, soon-to-be-economics-professor, arrives in Vistaria during La Fiesta de la Luna, a combination of Mardi Gras and Carnival, and is arrested for violently resisting the amorous advances of strangers. She’s sprung from jail by a commanding civilian the Loyalist military refer to only as leopardo rojo. Calli is inexplicably drawn to him.

When Calli formally meets Nicolás Escobedo, the bastard half-brother of Vistaria’s president, she realizes she is in trouble for it is the mysterious leopardo rojo. Their attraction is powerful and mutual, despite everything they do to deny its existence.

Vistaria totters on the very brink of revolution and anarchy. It needs only a tiny nudge to tumble the country into the abyss of bloody war. Then the insurrectos learn that the President’s brother is having an affair with a hated Americano…


“If you love those movies where you don’t know who’s side the hero is really on until the end, then you’ll love the intrigue of Red Leopard.”  TRS Blue


WARNING: This book contains frequent, explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language. Don’t proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
No Vistarian Loyalists came to harm during the making of this book.

“An untamed, wildly exciting story of love and raw sexual desire. A love to rival the most notorious forbidden affairs in history, great writing, intricate plotting and tasteful yet extremely erotic sex scenes.” — Women on Writing

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