Quiver and Crave – Excerpt

QUIVER AND CRAVE (The Endurance Series: Story 3.1)
A Science Fiction Romance Novelette


I highly recommend this new wonderful series.


Chapter One

“There’s Kal now,” Micah told her.  He squeezed Quiver’s arm in encouragement, even though Melody was glaring at him because he was holding her arm in the first place.  Quiver was glad of Micah’s silent support, despite how much Melody clearly disliked it.

She looked around the huge gymnasium, her eyes widening.  She had only ever caught a glimpse of the inside of the players-only training area when someone entered or left.  Now she was actually standing inside it.  It was hard not to be impressed.  The facility was roomy enough to hold a half-tank field at one end, with all the strengthening and flexibility equipment at the other.

There were dozens of people using the equipment and six more in the tank area, most of them floating at the zero level, while one player waded through the bottom level toward the ball the floaters were waiting for him to toss back to them.

There was no plasteel glass wall separating the tank area from spectators.  There were no spectators.

“Where is he?” Quiver asked Micah, looking around.

“Kal!” Melody called and waved.

The tall man who had been standing with his back to them at the edge of the tank area turned at Melody’s hail.   He waved and called up to the players floating at the top, then headed toward where Melody, Micah and Quiver were standing close by the doors.

Broad shoulders, deep-set eyes.  Short dark hair, despite the player preference for long locks.  Kallon Crave, the youngest player to ever captain the Dreamhawks.

Quiver drew in a breath, fighting for calm.  He looked just like he did in the streams.  He didn’t look smaller like so many peole did.  His shoulders really were that wide.  They were bare right now, not disguised under a sleek uniform.  There was an abbreviated tank top and slim training pants, but mostly he was just gleaming flesh.

She shivered.

Kal Crave stopped in front of them.  “You two going to stand around all day? We don’t get enough scheduled time as it is.”

Melody pulled off the light jacket she was wearing.  Beneath, she wore a plain green coloured version of a tank team uniform, figure hugging and flattering.  Her hair was already tightly secured to the back of her head.  “I’m going!”  She waved and jogged over to the tank area, then climbed up the ladder and pushed off into the zero level, chatting to the players already there.

Micah watched her go with a warm, soft expression on his face.

“This isn’t the topman your old Palatine coach was enthusing about, is it?” Kal asked Micah.

Quiver jumped.  He was talking about her.

Micah pulled his attention away from Melody and focused on Kal.  “Sorry.  Kal, this is Quiver Sheenan.  She’s here to try out.”

Kal looked at her directly for the first time.  “You?”  There was disbelief in his voice.

Quiver felt her spine straighten all by itself, to her full height, which made her quite a bit shorter than either of the two men standing with her.  “I was invited.”  Until that moment, the invite had been a nuisance in her life.  Now, it gave her legitimacy.

“Esme insisted she come and train,” Micah said, his tone defensive and at the same time, filled with pride.  “He saw her playing.”

Esme Ganzo was the Dreamhawks coach.  He was supposed to be the best coach on the Endurance.  He had told her she was going to be a star player.  Quiver was still in two minds about that.

Kal Crave, though, didn’t seem to have any doubts.  “How old are you, kid?”

“Twenty-three,” she said shortly.

“She’s only a year younger than me,” Micah pointed out.

Kal shook his head.  “I could toss you around like I do the ball.  Even topmen need strength.”

“Everyone is as strong as each other in zero gravity,” Quiver pointed out.   And she wondered why she was defending herself.  She didn’t want to be here any more than Kallon Crave did..


I cannot wait to read more in this series and learn more about the people
that live on the Endurance as it travels through space.

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