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Ban & Elaine
Ban:  King of Benoic
Elaine: (see Brocéliande)
Hector:  Ban’s son (by Suzanne de Maris)
Lancelot du Lac: Their son


Arawn & Ilsa
Arawn: King of Brocéliande
Ilsa of Brocéliande: Arawn’s queen.  (See Morbihan)
Elaine: Arawn’s sister (see Benoic)
Evaine:  Arawn’s sister (see Guanne)
Alun: eldest son of Arawn & Ilsa, King of Brocéliande
Arawn Uther: second son of Aran & Ilsa
Elen: Daughter of Arawn & Ilsa (see Cornwall)


Mabon & Maela
Mabon: King of Calleva
Maela: Mabon’s queen.  Daughter of High King Vortigern & Rowena.
Bevan: Mabon & Maela’s son.  King of Calleva (see below)
Bryn: Mabon & Maela’s son. Partner of Druston (see Dunoding)
Lynette The Younger:  Mabon & Maela’s daughter.  (See Dunoding)

Bevan & Lowri
Bevan: Mabon & Maela’s son.  King of Calleva
Lowri:  Bevan’s queen. (see Dunoding)
Branwen: Bevan & Lowri’s daughter
Eira: Bevan & Lowri’s daughter
Martyn & Trevor: Bevan & Lowri’s twins ons
Betrys: Bevan & Lowri’s daughter
Deryn: Bevan & Lowri’s daughter


Bedrawd: Duke of Corneus (serves Kernow)
Bedivere: Bedrawd’s son, companion to Arthur
Lucan: Bedrawd’s son, companion to Arthur
Mair: Bedrawd’s daughter.


Ector & Druscilla
Ector:  Count of Galleva
Druscilla:  Ector’s wife
Cai:  Ector & Druscilla’s son. Companion to Arthur.

Steffan & Anwen of Galleva
Steffan: Hero of Pendragon Rises
Anwen:  Heroine of Pendragon Rises
Rhiannon:  Their Daughter (see Lothian)


Nimue: Lady of the Lake
Vivian:  Nimue’s second in command and partner


Budic of Britanny
Budic:  King of Morbihan
Isla:  Budic’s bastard daughter
Hoel:  Budic’s son & heir (see below)

Hoel & Mared
Hoel:  Budic’s son & heir.  King of Morbihan.
Mared:  Hoel’s queen.  (see Guanne)
Tewdwr: Hoel & Mared’s son
Kahedin: Hoel & Mared’s son
Isuelt of the White Hands: Hoel & Mared’s daughter


Claudas:  King
Claudin: His son
Dorin: His son


Leodegrance & Gwenhwyfach
Leodegrance: King of Camelard
Guenivere:  Leodegrance’s daughter


Gorlois & Mari
Gorlois:  Duke of Cornwall
Mari:  Gorlois’ Duchess.
Cador: Gorlois & Mari’s son (see below)

Gorlois & Igraine
Gorlois:  Duke of Cornwall
Igraine:  Duchess of Cornwall (see Pendragon)
Morguase:  Daughter of Gorlois & Igraine (see Lothian)
Morgan:  Daughter of Gorlois & Igraine.  aka Morgan le Fey (See Rheged)

Cador & Elen
Cador: Gorlois & Mari’s son.  Duke of Cornwall.
Elen:  Cador’s Duchess.  (See Brocéliande)
Constantine:  Cador & Elen’s son


Bors & Evaine
Bors The Elder: King of Guanne
Evaine:  Bors’ queen (see Brocéliande)
Bors The Younger:  Bors & Evaine’s son (see below)
Lionel:  Bors & Evaine’s son
Mared:  Bors & Evaine’s daughter (see Morbihan)

Bors The Younger
Bors The Younger:  Bors & Evaine’s son.  King of Guanne


Pellinore:  King of Listenoise, descendant of Joseph of Arimathea (see below)
Tor: Pellinore’s bastard son and heir
Dornar:  Pellinore’s bastard son

Pellinore & Alis
Pellinore:  King of Listenoise, descendant of Joseph of Arimathea
Alis:  Pellinore’s queen (see Dunoding)
Percival:  Pellinore & Alis’ son
Aglovale:  Pellinore & Alis’ son
Dindrane:  Pellinore & Alis’ daughter
Lamorak:  Pellinore & Alis’ son
Elaine:  Pellinore & Alis’ daughter


Ambrosius:  High King of Britain (see below).
Uther:  Ambrosius’ brother & heir (see below)

Ambrosius & Vivian
Ambrosius: High King of Britain (see below).
  Princess of Dyfed
Merlin:  Ambrosius’ bastard son by Vivian

Uther & Igraine
Uther:  High King of Britain
Igraine:  Uther’s queen. (see Cornwall)
Arthur:  Uther & Igraine’s son.  War Duke of Britain.  (see below)

Arthur & Morguase
Arthur:  War Duke of Britain
Morguase:  Wife of King Lot (see Lothian)
Mordred:  Arthur’s bastard son by Morguase


Caradoc & Ula
Caradoc: King of Brynaich
Ula: Caradoc’s queen.
Brigid: Caradoc & Ula’s daughter
Cara: Caradoc & Ula’s daughter
Nareen & Isolde: Caradoc & Ula’s twin daughters
Newlyn: Caradoc & Ula’s son


Pedr: King of Corbenic.  aka The Fisher King
Elaine: Pedr’s daughter


Cadfael & Lynette
Cadfael:  Hero of Born of No Man.  Vortigern’s War Duke.
Lynette:  Cadfael’s wife
Bricius: Cadfael & Lynette’s son (see below)
Alis:  Cadfael & Lynette’s daughter (see Listenoise)
Lowri:  Cadfael & Lynette’s daughter (see Calleva)
Drusan:  Cadfael & Lynette’s son, partner of Bryn (see Calleva)
Eogan:  Cadfael & Lynette’s son (see below)

Bricius & Maeve
Bricius: Cadfael & Lynette’s son
Maeve of Ireland:  Bricius’ wife
Cadoc: Bricius & Maeve’s son
Tegan:  Bricius & Maeve’s daughter


Tristan the Elder
Tristan The Elder: King of Kernow
Brandegoris:  Cousin to Tristan (see below)
Mark: brother to Tristan (see below)
Tristan:  Son of Tristan the Elder
Dinadan:  Friend of Tristan’s.

Brandegoris of Estangore & Julia
Brandegoris:  Cousin to Tristan
Julia:  Princess of Rome, wife to Brandegoris
Sagramore:  Son of Julia and the King of the Magyars
Claire:  Daughter of Brandegoris & Julia

Mark of Kernow
Mark: brother to Tristan. King of Kernow


Lot & Morguase
Lot:  King of Lothian & Duke of Orkney
Morguase:  Lot’s queen.  (See Cornwall, and also Pendragon)
Gaheris:  Lot & Morguase’s son & heir
Gawain:  Lot & Morguase’s son
Agravain:  Lot & Morguase’s son
Gareth:  Lot & Morguase’s son

Idris & Rhiannon
Idris of Lothian:  Hero, War Duke of Britain
Rhiannon (see Galleva):  Heroine, War Duke of Britain
Anwen Idria:  Their daughter
Emrys Myrddin:  Their son
Kay The Stalwart:  Their son  


Urien & Morgan
Urien:  King of Rheged.  Cousin to Lot of Lothian.
Morgan:  Urien’s queen.  (See Cornwall)
Owain & Morfydd:  Urien & Morgan’s twin son & daughter.

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