Junkyard Heroes – Excerpt

JUNKYARD HEROES (The Endurance Series: Story 5.0)
A Science Fiction Romance Novel

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I highly recommend this new wonderful series.


Noa ran toward the gang.  “Hey! Hey!”  Fury drove her forward. It made her wave her fist, even though she had no idea how she could take on seven grown men.

Peter streaked past her.  So did Lizette and Daniel.  All three were bigger than her.  They screamed protests, too.

The combined sound of their anger made the gang look around.

Noa kept sprinting.  She could hear Segolene and Cai behind her, too, keeping pace.

Seeing six people bearing down on them made the drinkers hesitate.  They looked at each other, while the man on the ground between them rolled in agony.  Then they turned and ran, heading for the far end of the alley.

Only Lizette ran past the wounded man, screaming insults at the cowards.  Everyone else stopped around the man.

“Peter,” Noa said.  “Can we move him?”

Peter dropped to his knees and put his hand on the man’s shoulder and his knee.  “Let me see,” he said quietly.

The man was aware enough to relax.   Slowly, he uncurled.

Noa drew in a breath.  The man’s face was bloody and bruised.  There was a long cut on the cheekbone and what looked like a deep scrape on the other, both of them adding to the blood already there.

Despite the blood, Noa recognized him.  It was one of the regulars at the Garden, the one they had nicknamed “Angry Guy.”  He stayed at the front of the garden with the serious drinkers.  He always drank alone and scowled at anyone who got close.

Peter pressed his fingers along the man’s arms and legs.  Then he pulled aside the edges of his coat and more gently, probed his torso.  The man groaned again.

Peter screwed up his nose.  “Nothing is broken.  Without diagnostics, the best I can say is that I think he’s just got bruising.  Next time he pees, we’ll know if that’s all it is.”

“Then we need to watch him for a while?” Noa asked.

“Best if we do,” Peter said.

“My place,” Cai said.  “No one else is there at the moment.”

Cai’s apartment was on the Fifth Wall and closer than anyone else’s.

“You go ahead and get the spatula,” Noa told him.  “Lizette, Peter, could you carry him?”

“Shouldn’t we just drop him at the hospice?” Segolene asked.

“No!” the man said and gasped.

Noa understood why Segolene thought a hospice was the right place for him.  She was the only one of them that wasn’t Wall-raised.  She came from an upright family in the Esquiline, law-abiding and prosperous.

Noa also understood why the angry man was saying no to being taken to a government-run establishment.  Wall-dwellers looked after themselves.  They had to.  It was why all of them had melted away from the Garden the moment the Bridge guards had shown up.

“The nearest hospice is on the other side of the Field,” Noa pointed out, as Peter and Lizette hauled the man to his feet, an arm each around him.  His head hung between them, his shaggy hair flopping forward.

Blood dripped to the floor.

“I’ll fix him up, no problems,” Peter assured Segolene.

Segolene looked unhappy.  “Well….”

“We should hurry,” Daniel added, pointing out the blood splatters with his toe.


I cannot wait to read more in this series and learn more about the people
that live on the Endurance as it travels through space.

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