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The Great Family was not always a great family.

In October 1843, Anna & Rhys, Natasha & Seth, Elisa & Vaughn all face problems, their hearts heavy with the challenges of life.

This is the origins story of the Scandalous Scions series—the first great family gathering, where traditions that will last a generation are born and Anna & Rhys, Natasha & Seth, Elisa & Vaughn meld into a single, united family.

Find out how the couples of Scandalous Sirens learn that together, they are stronger.

This story is part of the Scandalous Scions series:
0.1 Lost at Sea
0.5 Rose of Ebony
1.0 Soul of Sin
2.0 Valor of Love
3.0 Marriage of Lies
4.0 Mask of Nobility
5.0 Law of Attraction

…and more to come!

A Historical Romance Novelette

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Praise for the Scandalous Scions series:

If you are familiar with the previous series, I am sure you fell in love with the huge family like I did.

She is a go to author for me when I need a fix of historical romance.

Tracy Cooper-Posey takes us into the staid yet surprisingly bawdy Victorian Era where appearance is everything and secrets are held inside the family.

Thanks once again, Tracy Cooper-Posey, for giving us another great story and for giving me back my love of historical romances.

I love historical romances and this one filled all my likes, from a dashing, wonderful hero, a beautiful strong heroine, a love story to sigh over, side characters that are interesting, and funny, and move the story along.

I don’t often give books five stars, but I really enjoyed the mystery that puzzled all of the characters in this story.

I found the entire extended family intriguing because they, the women in particular, are very aware and careful of what society will think, yet they often have made choices that are deemed semi- scandalous.

A wonderful story set in the Victorian era of such strict social conventions and yet the main characters are shimmering with latent sexual tension. What a fabulous juxtaposition!

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