Deadweight – Part 2

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Should have let you kiss me, Kajal thought now, as Max brought the gun up to point at her heart.

Their eyes met. There was nothing but cold calculation in his.

I’m not wrong about him, Kajal told herself.  Max hasn’t sold out.  He hasn’t betrayed me.  She would never know the truth, now, but she would die believing it, and that would do.

Max spun on one heel, the gun swinging around in great arc.  It roared twice.

Tatts and Sidekick One dropped tiredly to the puddled concrete.

Sidekick Two ran like a startled jackrabbit, heading for the other exit, straight past Kajal.  She overrode her shock and got a foot up into the air to tangle with his ankles and the flapping legs of his oversized jeans.

He went down with a grunt and rolled over, bringing up a gun.

“Watch out!” Kajal cried in warning.

Max fired a third time.  Sidekick Two stopped moving.  His gun clattered against the concrete.

Max put his gun away, pulled out a knife and moved around Kajal to saw at the zip tie.   “You’re shaking.”

“You broke cover!”  Her voice was hoarse, barely above a whisper.

“You wanted me to let them kill you?”

Her hands were free.  “You would have been in deep with Callahan!”  From a few blocks away, she heard sirens.  Coming from three different directions.  “You tripped your alarm…”

“And you didn’t!” Max settled in a crouch in front of her. 

“You wanted time.  To get in deeper…”

The heat was back in his eyes.  The unspoken conversation they’d been having was there, writ large.  “Not even Callahan is worth giving you up.”

Kajal sighed.  “This is going to be complicated.”

He cupped her cheek.  His hand was warm and comforting.  “We’ll figure it out.”  And he kissed her.

The End



Kajal here: Omigod, guys! I thought my problems were over after the Kane thing.

I totally did not anticipate what happened next. Patrick Callahan and his organization really screwed things up for me and Max. And I met a man named Jack. Jack is…well, let’s say I thought Max had issues with the undercover thing. Jack makes Max look relaxed.

But meeting Jack put me and Max into a situation that…well, I don’t want to spoil it. Check out the story below!



Why did Max leave?
Max saved Kajal’s life, then finally spoke of his feelings for her. But that was a year ago, not long before Max chose his undercover lifestyle over her and left.  When Kajal runs across Max and his UPO, Jack, in her local coffeeshop, she’s mistaken as Jack’s girlfriend and yanked into their dark criminal world.

To facilitate the arrest of Patrick Callahan and end the decade-long taskforce to take out the notorious crime boss, Kajal must play along, even though she is now living the nightmare that sent Max away from her in the first place…

Dead End is a short romantic suspense prequel setting up the events in Dead Again, and can also be read as a standalone story.

About Tracy’s Romantic Suspense: Read this story, you won’t be sorry you did.  —ParaNormal Romance


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