Broken Promise – Excerpt

BROKEN PROMISE (Blood Stone: Book 1.2)
A Vampire M/M Historical Romance





“I really enjoyed this glimpse into the past!” — Amazon reader

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Gravel Lane, London, February 1793.

I remember it was a Saturday, the day it happened, and a cold, miserable day it was, too. The slushy roads and whistling wind that tore through all the layers of your clothes left most of the streets in the neighborhood empty as people huddled around their fires. The weather, and the mood it left most of London in, was fitting.

I generally don’t notice weather, not on a personal level, but the sour mood of nearly everyone I came across did dampen what I considered a perfectly fine day.

I bought a newspaper from the young boy, Charlie, who most often set up on the corner by our townhouse, crying his headlines and holding out his cap for payment. I read the front page as I walked home. The headlines were the sort that made my heart sink.

The French revolutionaries had declared war upon Britain.

I had been following the battles and strategies of the fledging republic for more than a year, with a growing sense of déjà vu. I have seen dozens of wars in my time and the actions of the protagonists before they fully engage in battle—the skirmishes and the rhetoric in the newspapers and in centers of power—was how the new republic had been behaving recently—and Britain, too. Most of Europe was going to be drawn into the coming war. I could see the pattern repeating itself, with a sense of inevitability that I kept to myself. Sebastian didn’t need me to spoil his days ahead of time.

Now war was here.

I folded the newssheet up and tucked it inside my coat and went home, thinking heavily.

Sebastian had returned from Ireland only a few days before. The man who had been his father for the first few years of life, the odious earl of Knighton, had done me the great favor of dying. I try not to kill without very good reasons, but I would have happily made an exception for that man, for what he did to Sebastian and his mother when Sebastian was a boy, but the earl had never crossed my path.

He had died without a declared heir or legal will. Sebastian had been summoned to the estate for reasons the lawyer left very nicely vague, but I could guess well enough that the lawyer wanted to establish what claim Sebastian had to any of the estate.

I had offered to go with him. It would be good for Sebastian to have at least one friend by his side. Sebastian had disagreed. “I don’t want you to soil your shoes by stepping onto that land. It was a blight on my life and I intend to shut this matter down as swiftly as possible. I’m not interested in inheriting so much as a bent farthing from the man.” He had packed a small trunk and left, looking and sounding introspective and angry.

He had returned three days ago, just as the watery sun was sinking toward the horizon. His anger was gone, but he was filled with thought.

I left him alone. Sebastian prefers to think things over and settle them in his own mind before sharing them with me. I know that my own lengthy experiences and the knowledge they give me about human affairs sometimes intimidated him, although he was slowly learning that I am just as capable as him of making mistakes and errors of judgment. Experience gives a man wisdom only if he listens to it. I fail to heed my own past quite frequently.

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“Now that the past as been revealed I am ready for the future!” — Amazon reader


WARNING:  This book contains two hot, sexy alpha heroes, frequent, explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language.  It includes heart-stopping sexual scenes between the aforementioned sexy heroes, menage scenes, and anal sex.  Do not proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
No vampires were harmed in the making of this novel.

“…totally touched my heart…and stole my breath away!” — Amazon reader

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