A Cure for Monday Morning Blues


Ugh. Weekend’s over. Back to the day job.

Hate it, or just suck it in, Monday mornings can be depressing things – even for people who aren’t anchored authors. Did you know that more people have heart attacks on Monday, than any other day in the week?  Almost half of everyone with a day job suffers some sort of Monday Morning Blues.

As an anchored author, you might find Mondays tough on the psyche. If you’ve just given the weekend your all, and produced amazing amounts of new manuscript pages, or if you’ve had a crappy weekend and got nothing done, both can make you resent having to trot off to the day job, which screws you, either way.

The trick to dodging the Monday bullet is to rethink your attitude. Make Mondays the starting point for the week ahead.

On Monday, all your counting, tallies and score-sheets are set back to zero. All last week’s mistakes, ooopses, cheats, and plain lazy moments are wiped clean. Gone.

The only things you carry over from last week are the successes. How many pages you got done, how many good days you had, how close you came to having the perfectly productive day.

And on Monday morning, you get a fresh start at doing even better. More pages, more completed sessions. The aim: To do better than last week, not perfection.

You’re never going to be perfect. But reaching for better-that-last-week is certainly do-able, and that’s something you can celebrate next Monday.

So…reset your week on Mondays. Look forward to a week of productive, confidence and energy building work on your writing career. A new high. Green = Go.

Turn Monday Morning Blues into Green, instead.

First appeared on Anchored Authors, June 16, 2008

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