Top Five Posts for November

This month, I changed the criteria for measuring “top” posts.  Instead of using the pageview count, I used the “unique visitor” count.  As some of the posts have quite a few images and elements on the page, a single visitor could rack up multiple page views with one visit to one post and only a few when visiting another post.

So this month’s top posts reflect the posts that had the greatest number of unique visits.

Interestingly, it did change the rankings around a bit, too.

1. i have seen the writing on the wall…

Surprise, surprise, Constantinople and the MMF articles have been bumped.

2. It’s Just A Job – Wood Elves

And still #2.

3. Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople

Down to #3 from #1. Aaawwww… 🙂

4. Pulse Pause Moments – Castle & Beckett

I’ve started to notice, by the way, searches for erotic stories about these two. I’d love to have the time to spare to spin a tale or two about *their* love life!

5.  Ease Yourself Into MMF Romances – Part IV

First month out of the bag and the series hits the top five.  Not too shabby.  🙂  But, why the fourth part of the series, though?  Is everyone in such a rush to get to the good stuff (finding their MMF novels), they’re by-passing the rest of the posts in the series?  They must be, according to the stats.  Very interesting!


Top Five Pages for October

1. Blood Knot

Back up from #2.

2. Books

And down from #1.

3. Books by Category

Stable at #3 from last month.

4.  Trilogies & Series

Fresh on the list.

4. Beth’s Acceptance

A newcomer to the list.

5. About This Site’s Theme

I noticed, through the month, a lot of searches for oil paintings, artwork, etc, and on this page I talk about the oil painting I own that I use as a high resolution scan for the backdrop to this site.   I guess that explains the sudden popularity of this page.  Besides, it’s a great picture.  Have you checked it out?


Top Five Articles for October

1. MM and MMF – Let’s Try Again. Why Do Women Like Men Who Like Men?

And #1 for one more month.

2. The Perils Of Writing Erotic Romance.


3. The Ten Best Romantic Moments In Film History

Moved up from #4.

4. What Is Urban Fantasy, Anyway? Urban Fantasy in the Romance field Defined.

Dropped from #3

5. The MMF Thing…How to Get It

And still #5.

I think it’s time for fresh articles…