Ton of New Giveaways for May!

I went a little crazy in April, and downloaded a ton of books that are now weighing down my ereader. You?

Here’s another eight promos that all started May 1. Most run to the end of the month.

All romance genres except YA. Covers may include shirtless men (such a shame, huh?), so if you’re at work, maybe wait until you’re home. ūüėČ

As the header suggests, this is for series starters.

I Love Series Giveaway

Some of the covers in this promo are so interesting, I’d get the book based purely on the cover. I suspect I’ll be clicking a few of these myself.

All romance genres, including super steamy, and no partial samples. 150 books in total!

Runs through to August 17, so you can take your time sampling…

Summer Romance Reads

This is for all fantasy sub-genres, not just fantasy romance.

May Fantasy Explosion

I will absolutely be grabbing some of these. I love books that take me to strange places, and teach me something about them. There’s some really provoking covers among them!

This is for all mystery and thriller subgenres, including but not limited to romance.

Mysteries & Thrillers in Exotic Locales

For pure science fiction, although I’ve spotted SFR in there, too, so you should be able to find something to your taste in this one. Run by SF/SFR author C. Gokel.

Lights, Lasers, Action!


Military Man May

This one doesn’t have a header image. It’s a¬†tiny¬†promotion, with only seven books which made it through the qualifying process, including mine.

Full length novels, only, featuring military romance themes.

Military Man May

On the other hand, the header image for this one is fabulous!

May Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Paranormal Romance

And there is one sale starting today, running for the month:

This is a sale of all the mystical genres.

Digital SPF Book Binge

Don’t forget that I keep (an almost) up to date list of current BF giveaways on my Freebie page:¬†



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