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TIME AND REMEMBRANCE (Kiss Across Time: Book 7.1)
A Vampire Time Travel Novelette

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Wow, again Wow. I swear this author must be a time traveler because this story is filled with such awesome details.

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I’ve been following Tracy Cooper-Posey for a while now, and she never disappoints. Damn, she can write! To start with, I love history, I’m an academic historian, and her books are really well documented.

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What a great book, I just loved it. It’s like being on a roller coaster, the action never stops and the time travel details are awesome.

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I’m totally addicted to these fantasy vampire series. Hard to put down. The characters are real, believable, interesting and complex, and Cooper-Posey really knows how to tell a cliff-hanger story.

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Time travel has always been an interesting concept, but Cooper-Posey takes it to another level because her stories arc over an entire series – and over several centuries. I LOVE IT!!!

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This series just keep getting better and better.

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A special story marking a moment in history…lest we forget.

On the one hundredth anniversary of Armistice Day, Jesse Hall, United States Marine and unsung hero, finds herself among a group of time-traveling vampires. She has been directed there by a century-old letter from her great-grandfather, instructing her to introduce herself with the phrase: “I’m not wearing a red shirt.”

So begins a dash through time to save a man in the very last minutes of the Great War, which in turn will save eight million other lives…

Author Note

As a writer of historical novels, and a history nut of the first order, I knew I must mark the centennial of Armistice Day with a story.  It would have to be part of the Kiss Across Time series, for every hero in that story has been impacted by war somewhere in their personal histories, and the settings of all other series I currently write wouldn’t let me put characters in France at the time of the Great War—not without some serious re-shaping of physics and story worlds.

Once I had that key decision made, I turned to brushing up on my knowledge of the Great War, and researching trench warfare, the final days of the war, war casualties and more.

The research was so harrowing and discomforting that I knew writing this story was the right thing to do.  If more people knew and understood the horrors of World War One—the first “modern” war—then perhaps less wars would be waged for fear of invoking the same horrors.

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by Heather Baxter on Time And Rememberance
Time & Remembrance

Who else, other than Tracy could think to bring out a book in time to join together, with the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day? Brilliant idea, no doubt along side the other books, this one will be a brilliant read too. Can't wait.

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