BookFunnel Promos!

Here’s a question for you:  I’ve had some feedback about the “endless BookFunnel posts”, and also emails about “Too many promos stuffed into one post”.

As I don’t have an option to NOT promote these BookFunnel promotions, I’m happy to adjust the way I am currently promoting them to suit you, if I can find a consensus.

Do you have a preference?

  • Would you rather have one promo per post?
  • Or is running a maximum of three promos per post fine by you? (As I’m doing it now.)
  • Or would you rather have more promos per post?  (And how many?) — this would cut down on the number of emails, for sure.
  • Or would you rather have the ultimate overwhelm:  One post with every single promo starting that day, each time a new promo starts?  (the beginning of the month post would be huge, by the way).

If you have a preference, do hit reply and tell me.  If there is a clear majority for one or the other option, I can try it for a month or two, and see what you think.

In the meantime, the first three promos of the month are up and running:

Check them out here!

Check them out here!

Check them out here!



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