Working Notes – Blood Unleashed.

I'm writing somewhere ahead of December 9, but by the time you read this, Blood Unleashed, the third book in the Blood Stone series, will be days away from release. If I've got it written in time! Dropping everything and racing to Australia in August put a bad crimp in my publishing schedule.  So far,

Working Notes – ROMANI ARMADA

Less than a month before the third book in the vampire menage time travel series, Beloved Bloody Time, hits the virtual shelves. Romani Armada is BIG -- it's very long, with a sprawling canvas and dozens of characters (all your favourites are back).  Major time upheavals are included free of charge. Here's a flash snippet

My Life – Working Notes: July 8 2013

I'm pretty handy with a computer, but this weekend was a new adventure.  My old desktop -- "old" being four years old, which is ancient in computer terms -- anyway, the desktop recently blew a gasket:  One of the 500Gb hard drives curled up its toes and died. That left 500Gb of storage left, of

Working Notes – The Book That Wouldn’t Be Short

It's only now I've recalled a pithy little line I included in the special features for The Royal Talisman: "I have also been accused of an inability to write anything short to save my life." Good thing a hanging didn't depend on the turn of that phrase.  Because I blithely included in the description for

Working Notes – Byzantine Heartbreak is Underway. Yeah!

It's been a weird week. For a start, it's been very cold. Like, 35 degrees Celsius below zero cold. That's negative 31 in Farenheit for all you Imperial-thinking people. I got Mukluks for Christmas -- real authentic ones.  But even at -35, they let the cold in and my feet started to chill

Working Notes – Backstage Pass

Last time around, for working notes, I had skipped over two books, and had to back track. This time, I don’t have a book to talk about at all, because of another phenomenon of the indie publishing industry:  doing it yourself means actually doing it all yourself.  Everything.  The formatting, uploading, releasing, technical un-hitching, acquiring

Working Notes – December 26, 2011

My best wishes to everyone who celebrated Christmas Day yesterday, and for everyone who got the day off from work, I hope you made the best of it. Of course, I’m writing this somewhere in the past, so I’m not sure yet if I made a very good day of it or not, but I

Working Notes – November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Barbara Ann Cooper.  My Mum. My Mum lives in Australia, and believe it or not, she reads every single one of my posts, although some of them have to crisp the hair in her nostrils!  She also keeps every copy of every one of my books that I give her, but I know

Working Notes – October 18, 2011

Blood Stone is progressing slowly.  I'm not pushing to get vast wordage down fast on this one, even though I'm usually keen to make progress as quickly as possible, because there's so much new in my life just now that everything is so...well, unsettled.  So I'm content with baby steps. The new job is also

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