My Life/Working Notes – April 30, 2015

It feels like a while since I did one of these. Anyway, Viennese Agreement has been launched, yay!   And behind the scenes, where I write madly away whenever someone will let me, I just finished the manuscript for the fourth book in the Destiny’s Trinities series. Cora’s Secret was challenging to write. Everyone in the

VIENNESE AGREEMENT Now out! Find out what Brenden has been up to…

Viennese Agreement, Book 2.1 in the Beloved Bloody Time series, was released last Friday. This is a fun little adventure that features Brenden Christos, the security chief of the Chronometric Conservation Agency.  I've had a lot of mail asking when Brenden would get his own story.  This is not his full story -- not yet! 


Dar Albert, my cover designer extraordinaire, has been busy lately.  (I plan to keep her busy for a long while, too!).  Here's new covers for two books coming out in the next few months: Book 4 in The Vistaria Affair series, White Dawn will be out in June.  Here for more. and: Viennese Agreement, book

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