I had so much fun putting this book together. One of my favourite stories in the book is Andy's...and I wrote that because I had a few readers ask "whatever happened to Andy????".  So I sat down and wrote out the story of Andy's life after Kiss Across Time, and it literally fell out of

Last Chance – TIME KISSED MOMENTS I Discount ends Thursday Night.

Time Kissed Moments I is officially released on Friday, and that's when the price goes up to the full retail sticker price. It's been available for pre-order for a while now, and you can pick it up for $2.99 USD until late Thursday night. If you can’t get enough of Brody, Veris and Alexander… These

Time Kissed Moments – Lock in your copy now!

If you’re really observant, you might have noticed that at the same I set up Spartan Resistance for pre-order, I also slipped Time Kissed Moments I onto the virtual shelves, too. If you’ve already ordered, thank you! Otherwise, here’s the official notice, letting you know that Time Kissed Moments I is now available for pre-order

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