Lingerie – A Woman’s Secret Weapon

Black Lace Beauty Creative Commons License  Mothers the world over, for at least three generations, taught their daughters to always wear clean underwear, least they be caught dead in shoddy undergarments.  And thus at least a century of women were train to be paranoid about being caught in public in a state

Thick vs Thin. The Ultimate Decider.

This is Part 2 of a series Part 1: So Where Are The Thick Romance Heroines? Part 2: Slender Is A Status Symbol ___ The Ultimate Decider. I’ve been thinking rather hard about thick v’s thin. There’s been images of “thick” women on Facebook that caught my attention, and I posted about them, here, and

So Where Are The Thick Romance Heroines?

This is is Part 1 of a series. I’ve been thinking a lot about the recent rash of images on Facebook and elsewhere, of gorgeous women, who are in no way, shape or form, slender.  There’s a motivational poster out there called “Thick women” that has four not-slender women in various sexy poses, that encourages

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