What I’m Reading – March 15, 2013

Oh, I’m so scrapped for reading time right now, it’s embarrassing.  I had lunch with another author yesterday and she asked me what I was reading right now.  I couldn’t think of a single title!  I get to read maybe a screen’s worth before I fall asleep at night. But let’s see what I’ve got

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The Case for Slow Reading

There was a spitwad fight over on another blog site the other day.  A reader who returns 55% of all the books that she buys from Amazon was upset because Amazon suspended her return privileges. Lots of readers and writers picked that up and ran with it. I won't link to the site, because the

How to Get Back to Enjoying Reading Again

The Bookworm (Der Bücherwurm) 1850 by Carl Spitzweg. Has it been a while since you were really bitten, hog-tied and spell-bound by a book?  Do most books seem okay, but not super-duper fantastic the way they used to be even five years ago? What if I said I could help you get back

What I’m Reading – July 15

If anyone dares mention "light summer reading" around me, I tend to boil.  However, if it is going to encourage reading at all, have at it.  It's July.  Vacation time. I'm working my ass off for the September releases, so a vacation is out of the question for me.  So is a lot of light

What I’m Reading – May 15, 2013

It seems like it’s been a while since I did one of these posts.  Time has not been nice to me lately.  :) What do I have on the recent reading list on my various reading devices?  Let’s see: Let’s Get Visible – How To Get Noticed and Sell More Books Dave Gaughran’s follow up

The Next Phase of Ebook Reading – Multi-Function Devices

Okay, so I got an Android Tablet for Christmas (Asus Infinity, love you, Mark), and finally realized that while cellphone reading is sooooo convenient (it is!), there is something lovely about that full screen, with a laid-out page and actual images embedded where they're supposed to go. I never got the hang of hauling around

What I’m Reading – August 9, 2012

Given the turmoil of my personal life right now, what is sitting on my various reading devices shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Well, some of it might. I'm flipping between titles on Kindle at the moment.  The one I'm most dying to sink my teeth into is Drinking With Dead Women Writers by Elaine

What I’m Reading

This post was going to be about how the US Secret Service formed on June 4, waaaay back in 1778, which impressed the hell out of me.  The idea that a country that was still forming, when the British and French were still firing flintlocks and muskets at each other, military strategy was advanced enough

Are Print Books Really Doomed?

This is the second post in a series. Part 1: Are Print Publishers Really Doomed? Part 2: Are Print Books Really Doomed? Part 3: Do I HAVE To Read E-Books? Part 4: Do I Have to Buy Indie Books? _____ Are physical books really going to disappear forever, amen? Not altogether, like dinosaurs. But their

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What I’m Reading

Since the demise of my Sony eReader (yes, the battery squawked and died, so the reader is a ghost now), I've been forced to read any ePub format books on my netbook, using the Adobe Digital Library software, as the universe as seen fit not to provide a decent ePub format reader for Blackberry Storm

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