Do You Avoid Books With Certain Covers?

Author Catherine McKenzie ranted a few days ago about covers on books, in her post "Why Do Books Written by Women Get Such Audience-Limiting Covers?".  The post was written primarily for authors, and in it she proposes that, as the title suggests, women authors' book covers are designed in such a way that tags them

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Pretty Things.

  I saw a fashion blog headline the other day that just made me laugh.  I don't have it anymore, but I can paraphrase it: Ten Essential Must-Buys for Your Fall 2016 Wardrobe! Sounds perfectly normal -- you see headlines like this all the time. The things that struck me as hilarious were: That I

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Dar Albert, my cover designer extraordinaire, has been busy lately.  (I plan to keep her busy for a long while, too!).  Here's new covers for two books coming out in the next few months: Book 4 in The Vistaria Affair series, White Dawn will be out in June.  Here for more. and: Viennese Agreement, book

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Pretty, pretty covers and much more…

Oooh!  So much to tell you! First off, Mark and I both took a week off work, this past week, and we have been working our butts off, doing major maintenance on all my books -- it was badly needed in some cases.  I've been indie publishing for four years, and already, the older books

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Ta-Dah! The New Cover for FORBIDDEN! — Win A $100 Visa Gift Card.

Gak! I’ve never done a cover reveal thingy before. This is kinda fun! We wanted to make a bit of fuss over this cover because it’s so damned gorgeous. So, without further ado, here it is, both the print edition and the ebook version: Click on the images to get a full screen view!  


I just released Lucifer's Lover on All Romance eBooks, and on Amazon, and over the next few days will be formatting and uploading to the other distributors -- Smashwords, Createspace (print).  So it's official, Lucifer's Lover is published. This may come as a surprise to you because I didn't really given anyone a heads up

My erotic historical romantic suspense, THE ROYAL TALISMAN, is out.

Forgive me for the size of the cover, which is taking over the post here.  I really wanted you to get a good chance of checking out the hero's eyes.  They're something else, aren't they? If you're reading this post on a handheld, or via email, or through a media that has crunched the cover

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